Our Story

Discover the brains behind KIFFIX, where passion for music meets
cutting-edge technology, weaving the story of how our founders
united to create a dynamic workspace for DJs and Producers.

Our Story

Discover the brains behind KIFFIX, where passion for music meets
cutting-edge technology, weaving the story of how our founders
united to create a dynamic space for DJs and Producers.

Brief History

In 2016 Darren and Jacques came together to create UFO Recordz, a record label distributing and promoting artists in the EDM scene.  Very quickly they discovered that all functionality they needed to work with day-to-day did not exist in one place, and that the costs for each mounted up, as well as each needing its’ own set of log-in credentials. Of the subscriptions they did pay for, they didn’t need or use all the vastly complex functionality – as the tools had not been designed with musicians in mind.

We understand the frustrations that come with juggling multiple subscriptions, managing numerous logins, and dealing with unnecessarily complicated products… and that’s why we’ve crafted a solution that simplifies your journey in the music industry, because we created and used these tools for ourselves.

With KIFFIX, you can access everything you need in one convenient package, bringing together various essential capabilities. Say goodbye to the hassles of multiple subscriptions, complex logins, and unreliable support.

KIFFIX allows you to focus on what truly matters – being creative. Join us as we arm the independent artist movement with the right tools to succeed online.


The Label is Born

The Label is Born

  • August 2016

In late 2016, music professionals Darren Bezuidenhout and Jacques Julie meet for the first time and venture into business together, UFO Recordz is born.

August 2016
May 2017
News & Media Outlet

News & Media Outlet

  • May 2017

Jacques Julie and Darren Bezuidenhout expand the business and venture into news and media and event coverage. UFO Network is born.

800 000 Milestone

800 000 Milestone

  • December 2018

The brand is established and an audience of 800 000 community fans and members join the UFO Network. The record label sees it's first 300 releases. The industry starts to reveal its challenges, prompting the creation of internal technological solutions.

December 2018
20 November 2020
The Big Idea

The Big Idea

  • 20 November 2020

Darren and Jacques opt to consolidate their concept of developing technology for personal use into a unified platform accessible to all artists, labels, and music professionals, revolutionizing the way the industry collaborates and innovates.

Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event

  • 15 October 2022

Darren and Jacques organize an event and label showcase during the renowned Amsterdam Dance Event. In attendance is their close friend, Max Jones, a DJ and producer affiliated with UFO Recordz. During the event, they seize the opportunity to introduce their concept to Max Jones' father, Chris, and pitch the idea to KIFFIX, making a strategic move at ADE.

15 October 2022
15 January 2024
KIFFIX is Born

KIFFIX is Born

  • 15 January 2024

A gathering at The Roseate in Reading, England takes place as Chris introduces Ben to the team, marking the inception of KIFFIX. Immediate action follows, with plans to establish the business and commence operations promptly underway.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Ben Rafferty
Ben Rafferty Chief Executive Officer
Ben brings to KIFFIX 20 years’ experience with technology start and scale ups, with a combined focus of Fundraising, Growth, Product Innovation, and Operational Excellence.

Actively driving our mission to create community focused tools to artists, allowing them to prepare and promote their work online, Ben's integrity and enthusiasm allows the team to create and deliver great products and solutions.

Ben holds an MBA with Distinction, is named on multiple patents, and was previously CTO for Kashet Bank, and Chief Innovation Officer at Semafone (now Sycurio).
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Chairman
Chris brings a wealth of experience to his role as Chairman, having served in senior and executive positions at prominent companies like BT, Capgemini, and Kashet.

One of Chris's standout strengths is his extensive network of contacts, cultivated over many years; this network empowers KIFFIX to navigate fundraising rounds swiftly and with minimal friction.

His role as Chairman exemplifies his lasting impact, helping KIFFIX establish itself as a pioneering force in the music/tech industry.
Jacques Julie
Jacques Julie Co-Founder
With a strong engineering background, Jacques was integral in the building the original toolset for Soundrive, where the problem of multiple fragmented and expensive tools in the marketplace was identified, and where the seeds of KIFFIX were sown.

What truly makes him stand out is his knack for harmoniously fusing technology with the ever-evolving world of music.

As KIFFIX carves its niche in the music industry, it's all about delivering ground-breaking tools for music professionals.
Darren Bezuidenhout
Darren Bezuidenhout Chief Marketing Officer
Leading Sales and Marketing, the relationships Darren has built over his career as an artist (excelling as a DJ and producer) positions him to hear the voice of the music professionals across the industry.

Darren is one half Striptek, whom have achieved international chart-topping success. Striptek have graced the stages of numerous clubs and shared the spotlight with global stars like Nora En Pure & Lost Frequencies.

Darren's contributions extend to the broader electronic music community through UFO Network, a multifaceted media and blog platform
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