Shutdown Festival 2023: A 12-Hour Harder Styles Celebration!

Shutdown Festival 2023: A 12-Hour Harder Styles Celebration!
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Shutdown Festival 2023: A 12-Hour Harder Styles Celebration!

Yearly on a Saturday early in August, the AKW Zwentendorf, a decommissioned nuclear power plant, awakens to become the home of the  Shutdown festival, organized by Austria’s Revolution Events, a Salzburg based company, that is also in charge of Electric Love Festival!

Located in the serene landscapes of Lower Austria, approximately one hour from the country’s capital city Vienna, this nuclear power plant radiated with the energy of thousands of festival visitors, despite heavy rain this year.

Shutdown features a diverse line-up spanning various Harder Styles genres, with BPMs ranging from 140 to 250. From Hardstyle and Raw to Freestyle, Early, Terror, Hardcore, and Uptempo, the festival offered something for every Harddance enthusiast.

From DJ Rooler dancing Jumpstyle on stage, to Technoboy & Tuneboy playing all their beloved classics, and Dr. Peacock closing the festival’s mainstage with a massive firework, the day was filled with unforgettable moments and high-energy performances. Attendees united to celebrate their love for Hardstyle music, creating a sense of unity that shined even through the cloudiest sky at this edition.

Our Special Moments

  • Hardstyle Buamz in Traditional Austrian Attire: Hardstyle Buamz, consisting of DJs High Level, Paulistos, and Stoik, took the stage in traditional Austrian attire. They brought a live singer, a live rapper, and a shuffle dancer, blending tradition with modern beats.
  • Exclusive On-Site Interviews: Stay tuned for exclusive on-site interviews, including insights from “Hardcore Graz” in the Control Room of the nuclear power plant, a “hakkuh” coaching with Dither, and dance lessons in “klaplongen” from DJs Adjuzt and The Purge.
  • Closing Act at Vibe Stage: Adjuzt, who was featured in one of the secret set earlier in the day, closed the Vibe Stage with an electrifying performance joined by Mutilator, Aversion, and The Purge. This stage left a lasting impression with their powerful performances.

As the sun set over the impressive area of the AKW Zwentendorf, the beats echoed through the venue, creating an atmosphere, that made attendees forget about the rainy weather, which overshadowed the festival day!

Shutdown Festival 2023 showcased the power of music to unite people from diverse backgrounds and create lasting memories in an unconventional and historic setting. The countdown has already begun for the next unforgettable experience at next year’s festival. See you there!

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Working alongside a team of 25 young yet highly experienced professionals, Revolution Event has been developing and executing events at the highest international level for years. The highlights of their work include the Electric Love Festival, held annually at the Salzburgring since 2013, and the Shutdown Festival at the AKW Gelände in Zwentendorf.

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