DEFQON.1 Weekend Festival 2024: Celebrate the 20th edition with the biggest line up ever!

defqon.1 2023 mainstage
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Defqon.1 Weekend Festival astounds fans with a sensational 5-hour ‘Closing Ceremony’ and a formidable lineup showcasing icons from the realm of harder styles.

Celebrating its 20th edition, the world’s premier harder styles festival, Defqon.1, presents a powerhouse roster featuring Ran-D, Angerfist, Showtek, Brennan Heart, Sound Rush, Sefa and many more!

Set against the backdrop of Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands, Defqon.1 Weekend Festival unfolds from June 27th to June 30th, promising an electrifying four-day show.

Renowned for its epic closing spectacles, Defqon.1 Weekend Festival returns with a mindblowing lineup for its 2024 edition. From June 27th to June 30th, the festival grounds in Biddinghuizen will pulsate with four days of unrivaled sounds and entertainment from the hard dance scene.

Following last year’s gathering of over 250,000 attendees from 110 different nations, enthusiasts of the harder styles are poised to unite once again for this globally acclaimed weekend festival, slated for the final weekend of June.

The festivities kick off on Thursday with The Gathering, where campers are greeted with the iconic phrase “Weekend Warriors, Welcome Home” resonating through the sacred grounds.

Sound Rush sets the tone at the BLUE stage, while hardcore luminary Mad Dog ignites the BLACK stage. The day reaches its zenith with The Tribute, the inaugural of four closing shows, paying homage to a legendary hardstyle track at the UV stage, ushering in a weekend brimming with unforgettable moments.

Fresh Friday heralds the official commencement of Defqon.1, inviting revelers to partake in a day teeming with celebration.

Ran-D orchestrates the grand unveiling of the RED mainstage during The Opening Ceremony, with Showtek making a highly anticipated return to deliver a melodious set. Hardcore aficionados flock to the BLACK stage, where Spitnoise commands with an uptempo rendition of ‘The Spotlight.’ Meanwhile, the GREEN stage beckons hard techno enthusiasts with performances by Luciid and Cynthia Spiering.

Bringing Friday to a crescendo, fan-favorite Sefa dazzles on the RED stage with ‘The Spotlight with Sefa,’ culminating in a spectacle of pyrotechnics and visual splendor. Last year, Sefa curated his own Defqon.1 Theatre experience, and this year, he brings that intimate vibe to the festival’s grandest stage.

Saturday witnesses a swift sell-out, bolstered by the return of the famed ‘Warrior Workout,’ premiering on the RED mainstage for the first time, setting the stage for the largest festival workout ever.

Raw-hardstyle maestro Rooler makes his RED stage debut, while Dual Damage grace the Holy Grounds with a performance at the BLUE stage. The beloved POWER HOUR, a Defqon.1 staple, promises an hour of unparalleled energy, punctuated by fireworks, pyrotechnics, and the iconic ‘left-right’ moment embraced by fans worldwide. Hardcore luminary Angerfist closes out the RED stage on Saturday, marking the first time a hardcore act takes this honor. The day culminates in ‘The Endshow,’ a timeless Defqon.1 tradition renowned for its breathtaking spectacle.

Sunday Funday injects an extra dose of revelry into the festival’s final day.

Attendees don whimsical attire, encouraged to express themselves in their unique fashion. As dusk descends, festival-goers converge at the RED stage for the grand finale, ‘The Closing Ceremony.’ In a departure from tradition, the 2024 edition extends the show to a five-hour extravaganza, surpassing its previous three-hour duration.

The spectacle reaches its zenith during ‘The Closing Ritual’ with a mesmerizing fireworks display. The lineup for The Closing Ceremony remains shrouded in secrecy, promising a succession of Defqon.1 Legends to bring this edition to a spectacular close.

In addition to the main events, Defqon.1 offers a vibrant night program featuring after-parties and a plethora of activities, including fire shows and entertainment zones, along with a wellness area catering to those seeking relaxation. Details regarding these fringe events, along with the comprehensive timetable, will be unveiled during ‘The Warming-Up’ on May 23rd.


Defqon.1 2023 Aftermovie | Path of the Warrior

FULL LINE UP in alphabetical order:

3 Blokes – A-Motion – Abaddon & MC Raise – Act of Rage – Activate – Adaro – Adjuzt Adrenalize & Galactixx – Aftershock – Akira – Alee – Alee & Tha Watcher – Alpha Twins – Alter Ego – Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd’rop – Amentis – Amigo – Anderex – Anderex & Desudo Orange Heart – ANDY SVGE –  Andy The Core – Angerfist – Angernoizer – AniMe – Antergy – APHØTIC – Aradia – Armageddon Project – Art of Fighters – Atmozfears – Audiotricz & Ecstatic – Audiofreq – Aversion – Avi8 – AVLM

B-Freqz – B-Front 20 Years – B-Front x Phuture Noize – Back to Mars – Bad Blood LIVE – Barber – Bass Chaserz & Dr. Rude – Bass Modulators – Bass-D – BETO – Billx – Bloodlust – BMBERJCK & Revelation – Boray – Brennan Heart – Broken Minds – Bulletproof

Cancel – Catscan – Chain Reaction – Chaos Project – Chaotic Hostility – Chapter V – Charly Lownoise – Code Black – Cold Confusion – Coldax – Crazykill – CREST – Cryex & Kenai & Vexxed – Cryogenic – Crypsis – Crypton – Cyber – Cynthia Spiering

D – D-Block & S-te-Fan – D-Fence & Never Surrender – D-Sturb – Da Mouth of Madness – Da Syndrome – Boogshe – Da Tweekaz – DAE – Dark Entities – Darren Styles – Davide Sonar – De Nachtbrakers – Deadly Guns x Elite Enemy x Heavy Damage – Deadly Guns – Deepack – Deetox – Deezl – Degos & Re-Done – Deluzion – DEMENCIA – Demi Kanon – Devin Wild – Digital Punk – Dikke Baap – Dimitri K – Dione – Dither – Ditzkickz – Divisium – DJ Isaac – DJ Mystery – DJ Rob & MC Joe – DL – Donkey Rollers – Doris – Dr. Peacock – DRS LIVE – Dual Damage – Dune – DV8 – Dvastate

E-Force LIVE – Ednozem – Element – Endymion Millennium live – Endymion QORE 3.0 set – ERABREAK – Errol du Ville – Evil Activities – Exoform – Exproz – EZG

F.Noize – Faceless – False Idol – Firelite – Flo – Fraw – Freddy Moreira – Frequencerz – Frontliner – Furyan

Gassie & Adriaan – Geck-o – Gezellige Uptempo – Goldschool – Ghost in the Machine – Glitch – GPF – Gridkiller – Griever – Griever – Guardelion – Gunz For Hire

Hard Destiny & Collusion – Hard Driver – Hatred – Heavy Resistance – Hellfish & Thrasher – High Voltage – Hyperverb – Hyrule War – Hysta

Imperatorz – Invector – Irradiate

Jajox – Jason Payne – Jay Reeve – JDX – Jones – Jorine – Juju Rush – Juliëx – Jur Terreur

K1 – Karah – Karina Rosee – Karun – KELTEK LIVE – Kenai LIVE – KidEast – Killshot – Klakmatrak – Koarse – Korsakoff – Kronos – Krowdexx – Kruelty – Kruzo – KYØN

Lady Dammage – Le Bask & D-Frek – LePrince – Level One – Levenkhan – Lil Texas – Livid – Luciid – Luna – Lunakorpz

Mad Dog – Madmize – Magistri – Maissouille – Major Conspiracy & The Dope Doctor – Malice – MANDY – Manifest Destiny – Marc Acardipane – Mark with a K & Pat B & MC Chucky – Max Enforcer – Maxtreme – MBK – MD&A – Mind Compressor – Mind Dimension Mindustries b2b Fracture 4 – Mish – Miss Isa – Miss K8 – Mortis – MØSCARDØ – Mutilator – MYTH

Naadt – Namara – Noisecontrollers – Noisecult ‘Bring back the cult’ – Nolz – Nosferatu – Noxa – N-Vitral

Omnya – Opgekonkerd – Outsiders – Oxya

Painbringer – Panic & The Viper – Partyraiser – Paul Elstak – Pavo – Physika – PL4Y – Potato – Preceptor LIVE – Primeshock – Promo – Psyko Punkz

Radianze – Radianze – Rave Generators – Rayvolt ‘Break The Silence’ – RBX – Re-Style – Rebelion – Rebelion & Aversion – RedHot – Refuzion – Rejecta – Releazer – Remzcore – Required – Resolute – Restrained – Revive – Revolve – RG – Riot Shift – Rob Gee – Robs – Rooler – Røza – Rude Convict – Ruffian – Ruffneck & Ophidian – RVAGE

Sanctuary – Satirized – Scarra – Scarra – Sefa – Senna – Sephyx & Stormerz – Serzo – Shadowlands Terrorists – Showtek – Sick Bastards – Sickmode – So Juice – Soulblast – Sound Rush – Sparkz – Spectre – Spiady – Spitfire LIVE – Spitnoise – Spoontechnicians – SpoonTechno – Sprinky & Deathroar – Starving Insect – Steve-D – Storah – Strike Blood – STV – Sub Sonik – Sub Zero Project – Sunny D – Superior Core – Synergy – System Overload

T-Go – Tatanka – Terrorclown – Tha Playah & Promo ft. Snowflake – The Chemicals of Noxiouz – The Darkraver – Ran-D – The Outside Agency – The Pitcher – The Purge – The Raver – The Saints – The Silence LIVE – The Smiler – The Straikerz Jackpot.1 LIVE – The Viper – The Vizitor – Thyron & Luner – TNT – Tommyknocker – Toneshifterz – Trespassed – TukkerTempo – Tulpa Dusha – Tweekacore

Ultimate Vibe – Unfused – Unicorn on Ketamine – Unlocked – Unproven – Unresolved X YRS

Vandal!sm – Vasto & Luminite – Vertex – Vertile – Vexxed – Villain – Vince  – Voidax

Waldhaus – Warface – Wasted Penguinz – Wild Motherfuckers Wildstylez

XRTN – Yoshiko – Zany – Zatox – ZEARØ – Zyon

Walking The Path of a Warrior at Biddinghuizen, the Mecca of Harder Styles for Defqon.1 2023

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