NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta Drop Amazing Dubstep Anthem “Restless” for Your Playlist

NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta Drop Festival-Ready Dubstep Anthem "Restless" for Your Playlist
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NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger converge with Canadian singer/songwriter Mougleta for a festival-ready collab.

Hey there, music aficionados! Get ready to elevate your playlist to new heights with the electrifying collaboration between NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta! Titled “Restless,” this track is set to ignite your senses and keep you grooving all night long.

Hailing from Los Angeles and Sweden, NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger are synonymous with innovation and creativity in the electronic music scene. With “Restless,” they’ve crafted a sonic masterpiece that seamlessly blends their unique styles with the mesmerizing vocals of Canadian sensation Mougleta.

Released on NGHTMRE’s esteemed Gud Vibrations imprint, “Restless” embodies the spirit of collaboration and experimentation. From the infectious melodies to the pulsating basslines, this track is a testament to the collective talent of NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta.

So, let’s dive deeper into the world of “Restless” and explore the magic behind this festival-ready anthem.

The Genesis of “Restless”

The journey of “Restless” began amidst a flurry of successful singles, including “Thrilla” with Juelz and ShaSimone, “In Your Eyes” with Jon Casey and Pauline Herr, and “All Night” with Rezz and DeathbyRomy. However, it is with “Restless” that NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger truly showcase their collaborative synergy.

The track opens with Mougleta’s commanding vocals, delivering a message of resilience and empowerment. Against a backdrop of melancholic piano chords and tension-building percussion, her voice soars, evoking a sense of emotional depth. As the track progresses, NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger unleash a sonic onslaught, seamlessly blending uplifting melodies with thunderous dubstep drops. The result is a monumental anthem that transcends the confines of traditional electronic music.

NGHTMRE reflects on the genesis of the collaboration, expressing his long-standing admiration for Liquid Stranger’s work. “I first found Liquid Stranger’s music back in 2009, when I was graduating high school,” he shares. “I’ve wanted to collaborate with him for many years, and after sharing a festival transport together, we finally got to meet and talk music!

Liquid Stranger echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of combining their distinct styles to create something truly special. “We wanted to combine elements of both of our sounds with a strong vocal to create an anthem,” he explains. “We took our time and really tried to give it the attention it deserved, making it truly special.”

As NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger continue to captivate audiences with their groundbreaking sound, “Restless” stands as a testament to their creative vision and collaborative spirit. With festival season on the horizon, this monumental anthem is poised to dominate airwaves and dance floors worldwide.

NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta Drop Festival-Ready Dubstep Anthem "Restless" for Your Playlist

The Impact of “Restless”

As “Restless” makes its way onto playlists around the world, NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta are leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. With its infectious energy and undeniable charisma, “Restless” has quickly become a fan favorite, garnering praise from critics and fans alike.

NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger’s innovative production techniques shine through in every aspect of the track, from its intricate melodies to its thunderous basslines. Mougleta’s powerful vocals add an extra layer of depth and emotion, elevating “Restless” to new heights.

The track’s festival-ready vibe makes it the perfect addition to any party playlist. Whether you’re gearing up for a night out with friends or looking to get the dance floor moving at your next event, “Restless” is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Looking Ahead

As NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta continue to push the boundaries of electronic music, fans can expect even more exciting collaborations in the future. With their combined talent and creative energy, the possibilities are endless.

So, what are you waiting for? Add “Restless” to your playlist and let the music take you on a journey like never before!

NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta’s – “Restless” is out now via Gud Vibrations.

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NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and Mougleta Drop Festival-Ready Dubstep Anthem "Restless" for Your Playlist


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