UK MusicTech KIFFIX, Partners With SUCCESSFUL SLEEPER Offering Members Sleep and Recovery Resources

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KIFFIX and Successful Sleeper are excited to officially announce their collaboration at Ibiza IMS 2024.

DJs often face irregular and demanding schedules, leading to disrupted sleep patterns and potential mental health challenges. Sleep deprivation can impact cognitive function, mood regulation, and overall well-being. Prioritising sleep hygiene, implementing relaxation techniques, and seeking support for mental health are crucial for DJs to maintain optimal performance and overall health.

From Ben Rafferty, KIFFIX CEO :

“KIFFIX is committed to supporting DJs, producers, singer-songwriters, and other music professionals by providing them with essential tools to navigate their music careers. The KIFFIX team takes this seriously, and we have begun to extend our focus beyond the technology solutions we provide our members, and to enhancing artists’ overall health and performance, contributing to their well-being and success.”

Barry Bridges, the founder of Successful Sleeper is a distinguished Sport Scientist & Sleep Recovery Specialist, his thoughts on the partnership with KIFFIX :

“Kiffix provides a secure platform for file storage while facilitating seamless interaction with our audience in a polished manner. Partnering with them extends our outreach to DJs and producers, enabling us to emphasise the significance of sleep recovery and optimal performance”.

About Successful Sleeper

Imagine a world where restful sleep fuels your creativity, sharpens your focus, and elevates your performance on stage.

As a DJ, music producer, or performer, your nights are alive with energy, but when the lights dim and the crowds disperse, your body and mind crave rest. That’s why we’ve crafted the ultimate solution.

With Successful Sleeper’s pre-recorded wellness recordings, you unlock the full potential of your sleep. Our Recovery Reset Program, meticulously designed to revitalize body and mind after long, exhilarating nights, helps melt tension away as you reset and recharge for the next performance.

But it doesn’t end there. The Sleep Diary guides you on a personalized journey of your sleep patterns, helping you understand what truly refreshes you.

Let Successful Sleeper set the stage for your success—one night of blissful sleep at a time.

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KIFFIX offers a comprehensive suite of tools specifically designed for the music industry, aiming to empower artists, labels, and music professionals by streamlining their creative and business processes. The platform includes features for managing social media links, creating electronic press kits, URL shortening with analytics, and consolidating music streaming links.

Additionally, KIFFIX provides cloud storage solutions, file transfer capabilities, and emphasizes member engagement to foster a community-centric musical workspace. Future plans include integrating social media marketing, promotional campaigns, collaboration tools, and AI to enhance user experience.


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