Tiësto And Lucas & Steve Collaborate On Electrifying Single “Zenless” With Silent Child

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Tiësto and Lucas & Steve Collaborate on Electrifying Single “Zenless” with Silent Child, Serving as Official Soundtrack From Highly Anticipated Urban Fantasy Action Role-Playing Game – Zenless Zone Zero, Out on PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android.

In a collaboration of epic proportions, Grammy-winning Tiësto and his fellow Dutch duo Lucas & Steve join forces for “Zenless,” an electrifying theme song for HoYoverse’s highly anticipated urban fantasy action role-playing game “Zenless Zone Zero,” which had over 40M pre-registrations ahead of its launch.

This genre-melding dark techno-oriented masterpiece transcends boundaries, fusing Tiësto’s legendary big-room beats with Lucas & Steve’s cutting-edge futuristic soundscapes. Infused with the very essence of “Zenless Zone Zero,” the track throbs with samples from the game’s vibrant world, where towering skyscrapers pierce neon-drenched skies, and the thrill of adventure hangs heavy in the air.

Prepare to be propelled into the heart of New Eridu, the last bastion of humanity, combating enigmatic supernatural disasters called “Hollows” with every pulse-pounding beat of “Zenless.” This anthem is not just music; it’s a portal – a sonic gateway ready to transport you to a world brimming with danger, mystery, and exhilarating possibilities.

“Zenless” is out now on all streaming platforms via Spinnin’ Records/Musical Freedom in collaboration with HoYoverse – a leader in cartoon rendering, artificial intelligence, cloud gaming technology, known for game products such as Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, and more. Zenless Zone Zero launched on July 04 here, unleashing its urban fantasy magic across PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android, accompanied by Tiësto and Lucas & Steve’s “Zenless” single.

Gear up to navigate the treacherous Hollows, a post-apocalyptic labyrinth teeming with challenges and rewards. Assemble your crew of unique characters, each with their own fighting styles and personalities, and unravel the secrets that lie beneath the neon glow of New Eridu.

It’s our second collaboration with Tiësto, and we are always super inspired to work with him. It was always a dream to make an anthem for a game, so when HoYoverse asked Tiësto and us to make this song for them, it was a dream coming true. We love Zenless Zone Zero, and we can’t wait to have this anthem out.” – Lucas & Steve

About Tiësto

GRAMMY® Award-winning, platinum-certified, international icon, Tiësto has over 8B global streams across platforms, 36M+ total record sales, 30M+ social audience and over 160M TikTok video views across users. The DJ and producer is the only artist to ever hold the titles of “The Greatest DJ of All Time” courtesy of Mixmag, #1 DJ according to Rolling Stone, and “The Godfather of EDM,” as proclaimed by Billboard.

From his underground dance floor bangers to his high-profile Las Vegas residency and crossover success, Tiësto created the blueprint that defines what it means to be a success in today’s dance music world.

About Lucas & Steve

Safe to say, Lucas & Steve have gained a worldwide appeal with their high-energy DJ performances while delivering an impressive string of hit songs that explored the boundaries between raving festival anthems and precious pop gems.

Evolving from their late 10’s club hits, the duo went on to release full-fledged chart smashes, including 2020’s “Perfect” (feat. Haris), their revamp of 90’s hit “No Diggity” together with R&B icons Blackstreet, their huge team-up with Afrojack and Dubvision for one of 2021’s biggest anthems “Anywhere With You” and 2023 favorite “After Midnight.”

Following their early 2024 hits “When I Wake Up” and “End Of Time,” which are still gaining traction with millions of streams as we speak, the guys are now in full festival swing.

Tiësto And Lucas & Steve Collaborate On Electrifying Single "Zenless" With Silent Child

About Silent Child

Silent Child has emerged as a well-respected artist, with hit singles like “F*ck You” amassing millions of streams across various platforms. Born in Georgia, he used music as a means of self-expression after being diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s at a young age.

This passion has propelled his career, achieving hundreds of millions of streams within just five years in the industry. Despite global challenges, Silent Child released some of his most popular tracks, including “Super Villain” and “Me & My Demons.” These songs, along with support from tastemakers and YouTube channels like Mr. Suicide Sheep, have significantly expanded his reach, introducing his music to millions.

His releases through major labels such as Monstercat, Columbia Records, and CloudKid have further solidified his presence in the music scene. Continuing to release hit singles with DREAMERS, Besamorph, AViVA, and more, Silent Child is now teaming up with Prim8 Music and making what he feels is the best music to date.

Tiësto, Lucas & Steve, Silent Child, Sān-Z – ‘Zenless’ is out now via Musical Freedom

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Tiësto And Lucas & Steve Collaborate On Electrifying Single "Zenless" With Silent Child


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