Bad Boombox Joins Forces With Mcyl For Snappy Summer Anthem ‘Buss It Down’

Bad Boombox Joins Forces With Mcyl For Snappy Summer Anthem ‘Buss It Down’
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Bulgarian-American producer Bad Boombox reunites with MCYL (formerly MC Yung Lil) for club-centric earworm Buss It Down via his powerhouse Hot Meal Records imprint.

Since 2012, Bad Boombox has established himself as a uniquely creative force in electronic music on a mission to bring light, colour, and fun back to techno. From captivating online audiences with eccentric viral videos to showcasing his electric stage presence at his debut Boiler Room, the producer & DJ is transforming Berlin’s traditionally stoic techno scene with infectious energy and bold imagination.

Charming the internet alongside tracks drawn from a colourful mix of groovy techno, hard house, trance, jackin’ house, and electro has earned Bad Boombox a loyal fanbase in recent years.

He further cemented his dynamic presence on the scene earlier this year when a Boiler Room appearance saw over 320K views off the back of tracks like Medulla amassing over almost 6M Spotify streams alone.

The producer’s upcoming performances across Europe include key slots at Modul’air Festival Ghent, FLY Open Air Festival, Space Ibiza, Teletech, and London’s fabric alongside Funk Tribu and Hannah Laing.

2022 saw the creation of Hot Meal Records, a lighthearted reference to artist rider requests for “a hot balanced meal.” Specialising in diverse genres like trance, hard house, bouncy techno, and more the label boasts a roster of established names and rising talents like Justin Jay, coldsweat, Odymel, ETERA, and Mischluft.

Their second VA compilation, released earlier this year, featured contributions from MCR-T, Janis Zielinski, Ollie Lishman, and MRD. The label prides itself on curating tracks that blend fun with a unique recipe for success in the techno and trance scenes across Europe.

Bad Boombox Joins Forces With Mcyl For Snappy Summer Anthem ‘Buss It Down’

Bad Boombox and MCYL join forces once again following the success of their latest EP, Bansko Boys Vol.1. Formerly known as MC Yung Lil and boasting over 61K monthly Spotify listeners, MCYL blends influences from afrobeat, amapiano, reggaeton, and R&B for innovative techno variations inspired by his European and South American background.

Their partnership, born from a shared university background in audio mixing and reignited during the pandemic, has yielded tracks like Make It Wet that have amassed over 1M streams.

With a playful approach to an often plastic landscape and a refusal to take himself too seriously, Bad Boombox continues to defy conventions in the music industry. His latest track Buss It Down blends high-energy techno with R&B influences, reflecting their deep-seated roots in hip hop and Chicago house.

This marks Bad Boombox and MCYL’s 7th official collaboration, showcasing the latter’s prowess as a songwriter with a rich background in rap and R&B. Following a year-long hiatus, the duo’s return promises to resonate strongly with their audience across the lively European club scene.

Bad Boombox X MCYL – Buss It Down is out 27th June via Hot Meal Records.

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Bad Boombox Joins Forces With Mcyl For Snappy Summer Anthem ‘Buss It Down’


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