Experience the Ultimate Raw Energy at Rebellion “The Eclipse” 2023

Experience the Ultimate Raw Energy at the Rebellion Festival by Rebirth Events
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Step into a world where the pulse of raw energy beats in perfect harmony with unfiltered passion, at REBELLiON – The Eclipse, an exceptional event organized by REBiRTH Events.

Amidst the fervor surrounding harder styles, the REBELLiON indoor event emerges as a captivating focal point of raw energy. Here, enthusiasts and artists merge harmoniously, uniting beneath a single roof to celebrate their shared passion for this vibrant musical genre. Prepare yourself to dive into an immersive experience, where the focus is not just on music but on the raw, unbridled energy that fuels the soul of REBELLiON.

REBiRTH Events: Pioneering the raw Hardstyle revolution

Driving the heart and soul of the festival is REBiRTH Events, an organizer committed to pushing the quality and diversity of hardstyle. With a keen eye for talent and an undeniable dedication to creativity, REBiRTH Events curates a lineup that combines the established icons and the promise of talented newcomers.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to fostering emerging talent has earned them respect within the hardstyle community, establishing their projects as a genrewide recognized events, drawing enthusiasts from different countries.

Day 1: Saturday – A rhapsody of raw intensity

Saturday kicks off the festival with an explosion of energy, as the REBELLiON stage hosts a lineup that reads like a who’s who of raw hardstyle excellence. From the compelling performances of Adaro vs Level One to the raw intensity of D-Sturb live, every beat vibrates with solid power. Simultaneously, the REBORN RAW stage offers an adventure of its own, featuring artists like Kenai, Kruelty, and Udex, captivating the audience with his ‘Lightshield’ Album Showcase.

Each set is not just a performance but a testament to the sheer force of raw beats, making Saturday a day not to be missed.

Day 2: Sunday – A culmination of raw power and innovation

Sunday will make you jump back into the spirits, right where you left the night before, as the REBELLiON stage showcases acts that push the limits of raw hardstyle, including the performances of Act of Rage vs Killshot,  B-Front vs Rejecta and Rooler. The day will be started by a “cozy” show exlusively held for weekend-ticket holders – let Gezellige Uptempo wake you up for a new day of raw beats!

The night reaches its peak with “The Impulse” by Rebelion’s act The Second Dose, a spectacle that leaves every audience amazed. Meanwhile, on the REBORN RAW stage, the beats keep pounding, featuring artists like Riot Shift and Voidax, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the very core of hardstyle.

Embracing the Rebellion: More than just an event

Beyond the beats and drops, the Festival is a celebration of passion and a profound rebellion against the ordinary. It stands as a highlight for the raw hardstyle community, where music becomes a vessel for unbridled energy. Organized by REBiRTH Events, this festival goes beyond the realms of mere entertainment – it is a sanctuary where the raw hardstyle community finds its home.

Find yourself in this unforgettable experience at this festival – Let the rebellion begin, and let the music carry you on a journey like no other.

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Experience the Ultimate Raw Energy at the Rebellion Festival by Rebirth Events

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Listen to this year’s athem by Rejecta, Cryex and MC Livid: The Eclipse



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