A State of Trance 1143: Embark on a Musical Journey with Armin van Buuren and Global Trance Icons for an Unforgettable Experience!

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Amidst the lively atmosphere of the Amsterdam Dance Event, our team was fortunate to receive an exclusive invitation from Armada Music to attend the live recording of the 1143rd episode of A State Of Trance (ASOT) radio show.

As dedicated listeners among the vast community of up to 40 million fellow A State Of Trance enthusiasts worldwide, the excitement of immersing ourselves in this musical journey curated by the visionary Armin van Buuren was a long-awaited thrill.

Entering the welcoming atmosphere of the Armada headquarters in Amsterdam, we were greeted by Thalita, an intern, who warmly guided us into the studio. There, an air of excitement and camaraderie awaited, setting the stage for an extraordinary experience during the episode.

The lineup for this edition was meticulously curated, featuring artists such as Ahmed Helmy, Tritonal, Ben Gold, Markus Schulz, and Ciaran McAuley, each leaving a memorable impact on the audience. The energy soared with dynamic sets by Achilles and Will Atkinson, while the collaboration Nilsix (Orjan Nilsen & Mark Sixma) and the appearance of HI-LO (Oliver Heldens) electrified the atmosphere, resonating with the audience.

Special guests including W&W, Ferry Corsten, and Alan Walker added to the already vibrant experience.

Our brief departure for an exclusive interview with trance legend Darude in the heart of the city temporarily took us away from this musical haven. However, upon our return, the stage belonged once again to Armin van Buuren, orchestrating a captivating performance featuring beloved trance tracks. The studio reverberated with the energy of an engaged crowd, embodying the essence of A State Of Trance.

This encounter at ASOT 1143 stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of musical mastery and the unifying force of a global community of trance enthusiasts. For those seeking the ultimate trance experience, A State Of Trance remains a beacon, transcending time and geographical boundaries. Its legacy persists as a testament to the profound power of music in forging connections and nurturing a shared passion among enthusiasts worldwide. In every beat and melody, ASOT paints a canvas of unity where the love for trance music intertwines with the shared experiences of a diverse global audience, creating enduring memories.

Watch the full ADE special here:

About A State Of Trance

‘A State Of Trance’ (ASOT) is a phenomenon that began as a humble radio show and has blossomed into one of the globe’s largest and most adored dance music brands. Since its inception in 2001 with Armin van Buuren’s first radio episode, ASOT has transformed into a multifaceted entity, boasting an esteemed label and a spectacular event series that captivates music enthusiasts worldwide.

The Radio Show

At the heart of ASOT lies its cherished radio show, a weekly delight for millions of listeners spanning 84 countries and broadcasted on 100 FM radio stations. Hosted by Armin van Buuren and Ruben de Ronde, the show has clinched the ‘Best Mix Radio Show’ award at the International Dance Music Awards multiple times. Each episode offers a dynamic blend of Trance and Progressive music, featuring guest DJs, fan-voted tracks, and beloved classics selected by lucky fans in the studio.

The Label

The ‘A State Of Trance’ label serves as a platform for both established artists and emerging talents. Many of its releases find a home on the highly anticipated ‘A State Of Trance’ mix albums, which have been treating Trance enthusiasts worldwide to the best records since 2004.

The Events

ASOT’s grandeur extends beyond the airwaves, manifesting in its legendary event series. The annual ‘A State Of Trance’ celebration in Utrecht, attended by tens of thousands, showcases mesmerizing performances by a multitude of DJs across multiple stages. The event’s reach spans the globe, from Sydney and Mumbai to Miami and Mexico City, leaving an indelible mark on renowned festivals like Ultra and Tomorrowland. For those unable to attend, the complete musical journey is accessible through live streams on platforms like YouTube.

ASOT’s global resonance is a testament to Armin’s unwavering commitment and the boundless love of its dedicated fanbase. With each passing year, the ‘A State Of Trance’ brand continues to expand, inviting fans worldwide to join the journey and experience the magic every step of the way.


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